Fans Reckon Alex Turner Looked Like Alan Partridge On Jools Holland Last Night

Bringing The Last Shadow Puppets to Later with Jools Holland for the first time since 2008, Alex Turner and Miles Kane led last night’s show (May 24) with ‘Aviation’ and closed it with ‘Sweet Dreams, TN’. For context, here’s how they looked last time they played the show:

And here’s how they look now:

The transformation is, obviously, huge – not least in Alex Turner’s sartorial department, which sees him swapping his black leather jacket for a natty white shirt and a pastel cardigan. Then there’s the Elvis hair and steady drip of swagger. 2008 Turner unleashed the songs; 2016 Turner attacks them.

Still, Turner fans are blown away by the transformation, presumably having missed The Last Shadow Puppets’ ultra-charismatic live shows earlier this year. The reaction on Twitter to the band’s appearance on Jools was surprisingly mixed, as this fan pointed out:

Another frequent observation was the difference ten years makes:

But the most numerous tweets homed in on Turner’s outfit, which received a few different comparisons. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Marty McFly

2. Dad/Granddad

3. A Legend/Genius/Role Model/God

4. Alan Partridge

What do you think? Partridge, pensioner, or panoply of greatness?