‘He Bollocked Me For Buying A Clash Single’ – Twitter Remembers When Pete Burns Worked In A Liverpool Record Shop

Last night, the news broke that Dead Or Alive singer Pete Burns had died following a heart attack, aged 57. Tributes from fellow ‘80s icons including Boy George, Sinitta poured in, as did fond memories from fans of the musician.

Many, in particular, recalled personal encounters with Pete during his stint working behind the counter at Probe Records in Liverpool, back when Dead or Alive were in their formative stages. His customer service technique hinged on the kind of sharp put-downs that later made him an in-demand TV personality.

The initial call was put out by Ruth and Martin’s Album Club, when they tweeted a picture of Burns behind the till


Not long after, record buyers responded with their own memories of their experiences. Which weren’t always good…


David Fisher got ‘bollocked’ for buying a Clash single

And John didn’t stand a chance asking after Rush’s ‘2112’

Kiss? No chance

He became quite an imposing figure







He didn’t disapprove of everything.