Father John Misty’s New Tune Mocking Corporate Americana Is A Work Of Genius

Josh Tillman – aka the indomitable Father John Misty – has just sneaked out a typically dry lampooning of new folk commercialism via his SoundCloud. Happy Wednesday. The just-over-two-minutes-long track brims with the heavy weight of capitalist ennui before you’ve ever heard it. The title, ‘Prius Commercial Demo 1’, gives you a pretty solid measure of the thing – this is FJM’s take on the shameless corporatisation of a seemingly salt of the earth sound, and effortlessly manages to make a mockery of the earnest linen-clad likes of the Lumineers and their big bucks pastiches of the work of Bruce Springsteen and The Band.

With it’s talk of riding traincars where the mountains reach the sky, drinking whiskey, never learning how to say goodbye and growing soya beans on a tinning farm, Father John Misty mercilessly lampoons the current vogue for Americana by numbers – even throwing in a meaningless “hey! ho!” over jaunty, jangly acoustic guitar. Give it a spin below, brothers.

Read our recent interview with Father John Misty here, in which he discusses his fraught relationship with the character he becomes when onstage. “I would go on stage every night if I could,” he told us. “It’s this weird sickness. People ask me if I love what I do and I’m like, ‘It’s not about love’. It’s obsession. I’m obsessed with it.”

And if that sounds appealing, why not go and see him on the final few days of his current UK tour. He plays London’s Roundhouse May 18-20 and Southampton O2 Guildhall on May 21, then returns for Latitude Festival in July.