Fatman Scoop Is Now A Busker’s Hype Man In The London Underground

First Fatman Scoop bellowed his way into the UK charts with number one single ‘Be Faithful’ in 2003. Then last year he bellowed his way through the Big Brother House, where he spent a lot of time in the bath, inbetween doling out life advice to his fellow housemates. Now Fatman Scoop has bellowed his way into our hearts once more, this time via the London Underground.

Hard to say if the 46-year-old New York hype man, born Isaac Freeman, is busking on the Northern Line out of financial necessity or if he was institutionalised by the Big Brother house and has decided a tube station is the next best thing. Well, they are both claustrophobic and full of weirdos with no concept of personal space. Either way, here is a video of him doing his thing while a woman sings ‘Valerie’, first performed by Scouse indie scamps The Zutons but now officially owned by the late Amy Winehouse, whose cover eclipsed the original.

Busking on the London Underground

Drop a quid in, let’s go…

Posted by Fatman Scoop on Monday, January 18, 2016


MARVEL! As Scoop shouts: “And what! Here we go!” GASP! As he orders a passerby: “Don’t look at me, drop a quid in, bro!” WONDER! If he knows this busker or has simply sidled up to shout over her performance. Look out, Great Britain, next time you’re singing in the shower, Fatman Scoop could appear from behind the curtain to bellow: “Now shake that! NOW SHAKE THAT!”