Your favourite music stars sent us some selfies to celebrate Selfie Day

Admit it: everyone loves a selfie

Things that unite us all as humans: we eat, we sleep and we take selfies when we think nobody’s looking.

Last week (June 21) was National Selfie Day (what, you missed it?) and to celebrate the very modern milestone, we asked some NME faves to send us some snaps. Here’s what they came up with.


It’s the summer, so what better way to spend it than in a stuffy London cab? Well, with St Vincent soundtracking things, Slaves guitarist Laurie’s cross-city trek actually sounds quite appealing.

Charli XCX

Another car-based selfie here, this time from none other than Charli XCX. Sunnies, nails, massive amounts of effortless cool: it’s safe to say that Charli’s got the selfie game pretty much down. She’s the one to beat, everybody…


Shamir showed us his favourite pink and cuddly teddy bear, so now is it our turn? Alright then, we’ll get rummage in the attic.


Peace frontman Harry Koisser kept things very on-brand, sending us very Zen pic. Harry says it’s all gonna be okay, guys, and we’re choosing to believe him.


Can you think of anything that screams “swag” more than a wad of Euros and bottle of hot sauce? We can’t. Drake, you can keep your diamond-encrusted scorpion necklace, thank you very much.

Big Narstie

What a very heartwarming selfie. Perhaps it’s the glint in his eye, or maybe the fact that it’s Big Narstie wandering leisurely down what is clearly just a normal London side street. Imagine randomly bumping into Big Narstie when you’re popping out for a pint of milk. What a moment that would be.


Want to dress for the summer but still remain punk as fuck? Take Yungblud’s lead and add a splash of pink to your all black everything.

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice: one of the best bands around. Also Wolf Alice: not exactly the best photographers. Still, the sheer chaotic joy shown here makes it still a pretty damn great selfie.

Emmy The Great

Does it still class as a selfie if it’s not using the = front camera and held at a thoroughly unflattering angle? Emmy’s doing things a bit differently with this homage to the classic pre-selfie mirror snap.