Favouritism: The Only Tweets ‘Liked’ By Liam Gallagher, Arctic Monkeys, Kanye West, Thom Yorke & More

Some musicians, like Ariana Grande, hand out tens of thousands of Twitter likes, perhaps as a way of showing thanks to their fans; others, like Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke, don’t like any tweets at all. But there’s a strange strain of big-name musicians who have only ever liked one tweet, from Kanye West to Arctic Monkeys. Read into their choices what you will.

Thom Yorke

Yorke famously scrubbed most of his tweets before the release of ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, and the only tweet he’s liked since then is Radiohead’s tweet announcing the first single from it, ‘Burn The Witch’, on May 3.
What it says about them: Thom likes his own work more than the good things other people are tweeting about it. No bad thing.

Liam Gallagher

Gallagher’s only like was awarded to a fan who replied to one of his tweets in January with the below.
What it says about them: He likes it when fans chant about him like he’s a football player.

Kanye West

Does Mr West’s choice reflect his state of mind in 2010? Has he changed since? We just don’t know.
What it says about them: At one point in time, Kanye thought getting wasted all the time was the key to a good time. Now he’s married and has two kids, so that might have changed.

Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles voiced their support of the LGBT community on June 13, following the killing of 49 people at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. This fan’s response is the only tweet the band have ever liked.
What it says about them: They give a shit.

Bat for Lashes

Natasha Khan’s account showed appreciation for this particularly cheery fan, despite their spelling.
What it says about them: Bat for Lashes values passion and dedication.

Beastie Boys

What’s this Beastie Boys have singled out? It’s Jenny Lewis’ ‘She’s Not Me’ video, which is full of references to Golden Girls. Ok then!
What it says about them: They really like Jenny Lewis’ ‘She’s Not Me’ video. Or they accidentally clicked ‘like’ on their phone. One or the other.

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys’ only like is one of their own tweets, in Perth. Well, it does look pretty decent, doesn’t it.
What it says about them: This could be their favourite gig ever. From this ‘Brianstorm’ clip, we’d not be surprised.

Honourable mention: Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend have only liked six tweets, and this one is particularly good – like Beastie Boys’ selection, it’s also from Jenny Lewis. It’s making fun of the controversy surrounding the band’s video for ‘Diane Young’, in which they burnt two classic Saab cars.
What it says about them: They love a good pun, do VW. Especially when it comes from Jenny Lewis.