Faze Action – Venus And Mars – Free MP3

Which twat said don’t judge a book by its cover? Nine times out of ten you always know exactly what you’re going to get from the cover. The closest few albums scattered around the NME office are cases in point; each one sounds like the cover looks. Bat for Lashes: loopy spiritualism. The Virgins: trashy bubblegum funk pop. The Enemy: predictable and pedestrian as a British Rail train. So when something like this comes along, it goes straight on the stereo.

Faze Action

Sure enough, ‘Stratus Energy’ (yes indeed) is a retro space odyssey into disco’s back passages. Listening to it on repeat is like spinning in one of those kitsch egg chairs at a cosmic Horsemeat Disco while the DJ unearths some ELP remix done by aliens. Or something.

While disco enjoys another renaissance (see you at Disco Bloodbath on Thursday if you’re riding the bandwagon too), these guys have been at it for over a decade. Album’s out May 18 – go buy.

Download Faze Action‘s Venus And Mars here

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