Get A Taster Of The Maccabees’ Felix White’s New Club Night Yala! With This Banging Playlist

Although his band The Maccabees have just headlined their first ever festival in the shape of Latitude, guitarist Felix White has still found the time to start a brand new club night called Yala! The night will take place at the Bermondsey Social Club in their home of London and will all kick off on a hot and sticky Friday night in August (August 5 to be exact). But what can we expect apart from the odd Maccabee hanging around the bar? We asked Felix himself to get the lowdown on what to expect from Yala!

Bands Will Play
“It’ll be a community thing, where you have bands playing and lots of artists coming down. The Magic Gang are going to play, who I love with all my heart. They’ve got contagious energy.”

Famous Folk Will DJ
“I’ll DJ, and we’ve got some really good friends are hopefully going to be involved.”

Yala! Is A Record Label Too
“We want to find groups to make records with, then put some vinyl out and have fun with it. I miss that early stage of getting a record together, and I’m still listening to loads of new groups – Crows, Meat Raffle and Magic Gang.”

Yala! will take place monthly at Beromondsey Social Club, London, opening night is August 5. Follow them on Twitter: @yalarecords

Here’s a taster of the tunes that will soundtrack the ace new night curated by Felix.

‘No Fun’ – The Magic Gang

‘The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness’ – The Feelies

‘Hall Full Glass Of Wine’ – Tame Impala

‘Amidinine’ – Bombino

‘Home’ – LCD Soundsystem

‘Midnight’s Mirror’ – Mystery Jets

‘Shakara’ – Fela Kuti

‘Sweet Gene Vincent’ – Ian Dury


‘Blue Boy’ – Mac DeMarco

‘I Have Known Love’ – Silver Apples

‘Reverend Black Grape’ – Black Grape

‘Holdin On To Black Metal’ – My Morning Jacket