Fergus & Geronimo Get Transparent – Free MP3

If you like awesome, weird, heartbreaking, terrifying, exciting new music then you will love Transparent.

Already one of the best blogs out there, they’ve been busy expanding their empire. Jack and Sahil, the bright young dudes behind the enterprise, have started a record label, but it seems they’re not content with writing about and releasing awesome songs, they’re going to inspire them too.

Fergus and Geronimo

I spoke to Jason Kelly, half of Fergus & Geronimo whose excellent new single is out on Transparent on 31/08. “I actually got the inspiration for Glistening Smiles, the b-side on our Transparent 7”, while sitting next to Sahil at a bar in Dallas,” he explains. “I went home and wrote it out, recorded it a few days later, this junk is what came out of it.”

Download Fergus & Geronimo’s Glistening Smiles here.

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