Fight Songs: Get Pumped With These Adonis And Rocky Playlists

Creed, the latest addition to the Rocky franchise, is out on January 15th and to get us in the mood, we’ve created two energising playlists worthy of the movie’s fighting champs. See which songs we’ve picked to help get our heroes ready for the ring.

Rocky Balboa’s playlist

How to summarise a character as tough, troubled and soft-centred as Rocky Balboa in music? Obviously you start with his most iconic theme songs before epitomising his New York street struggle and steely determination with Springsteen’s ‘No Surrender’, Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ and the Foos’ ‘The Pretender’. ‘Morrissey’s ‘Boxers’ represents that moment of setback or self-doubt he has to overcome in all his films – the comatose wife, the risk of blindness or brain damage, the dying trainer or mentor – before our playlist takes to the ring for the lip-splitting battering of ‘Sabotage’ and Pixies’ ‘Tame’, the sound of being repeatedly hit in the face by rock. Queen’s evergreen winner’s anthem is a no-brainer, but we close on Ben Folds’ touching ode to pugilistic nostalgia, a song of ageing ex-boxers looking back fondly on their brutal youths. Mark Beaumont

Adonis Creed’s playlist

Trained and mentored by Rocky Balboa, Adonis Creed is the young pretender to the former boxer’s crown. Adonis’ father died in the ring and, after an embarrassing loss to an opponent he should have beaten, he’s got plenty to prove. To get him in the zone, he’ll need tunes with plenty of attitude that’ll get his blood pumping furiously – what better than the battle cries of grime (Skepta, Stormzy) or the snarling ferocity of Rihanna and Wolf Alice? Rhian Daly