Find the rogue welly in Matt Everitt’s festival-themed ‘Where’s Wally’ spin-off

'Where's My Welly' is out now

When it comes to music-themed Where’s Wally-style illustrations, in the past we’ve spent ages looking for Daft Punk at a festival or finding obscure Green Day references – but Matt Everitt’s new book Where’s My Welly? takes the practice to a whole new level.

The one-time Menswear and The Montrose Avenue drummer and BBC Radio 6 Music DJ has just put out a book that’s not only a hunt for a missing boot – it’s also a handy guide to every festival you could possibly want to know about.

Alongside illustrator Jim Stoten, Everitt has created a loving tribute to the music festival, from Coachella and Woodstock to Glastonbury and the Pilton Pop, Folk & Blues Festival and everything in between. After completing each hide-and-seek game, readers can flip to the back of the book to learn more about each event, from the legends that performed there to the famous faces that went along.

Check out some of Stoten’s illustrations below and get your copy of the book here.


The Pilton Pop Folk & Blues Festival