Firas on NME Radio – New Electronic Tips

Greetings gang. You’re no doubt in full Christmas party flow this week. You may or may not have snogged the receptionist, told your bosses what you really think of them and been caught drunkenly trying to steal a Christmas tree from the hotel lobby but fear not – they’ll forgive you. Won’t they?

Either way, I come bearing gifts of an electronic nature. First this fine, funky release by DFA.

Next up and this little beast from Panthers has a rather enchanting feel to it – expertly produced house music.

This next track reminds me of Tuesday nights out as a student at the legendary Bed nightclub in Sheffield. French wizard DJ Falcon dropped it once and the dancing was insane. 99p vodkas obviously helped.

Finally this is from a man called Hostage. The start of the track is like some crazy horror movie before it all gets a bit rave tastic with an amazing drop. Try to NOT dance like an idiot to this. I dare you.

On that note – what is your ultimate rave anthem?

Picture the scene. You’re getting ready to go out on a Friday. You’re hungover or tired – you’re not feeling it. What song do you put on the stereo to get you moving?