Pitch Perfect: The Best And Worst Baseball Throws By Jack White, Eddie Vedder, Justin Bieber And More

It might be the equivalent of having a celebrity help with kick-off at a football match, but throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game in the United States Of America is a surprisingly big deal. Film stars, music stars and even the bloody President have contributed to the time-old tradition throughout the years. The only problem? Well, it doesn’t always go well, as Snoop Dogg can testify to.

Let’s take a look at music’s best and worst first pitches from the downright awful to surprisingly wicked.

7. Mariah Carey
Carey might be bottom of this list – but we admire her DGAF attitude displayed by rocking up to the mound in denim cut-offs and high heels. Shockingly, her relaxed swagger didn’t translate into a decent pitch.

6. 50 Cent
Prior to the pitch Fiddy claimed he was a long-time baseball fan, but years of watching the New York Mets clearly didn’t rub off on him at all, when his opening pitch flew wide left by an embarrassing distance. He later explained that he obtained a skeletal injury in his shoulder as a result of ‘excessive masturbation’, and that caused the wayward throw. Gross.

5.Carly Rae Jepsen
You’d think the stars could afford a session of practice before the big day, but clearly Jepsen put little effort into rehearsing her wind-up. Her attempt was shockingly bad, but she laughed it off and didn’t offer an excuse, just admitted it was straight-up terrible throw. We applaud your honesty.

4. Justin Bieber
Now we’re getting marginally better. Biebs at least managed to make it to the plate with his toss at a Chicago White Sox game in 2010, much to the displeasure to the booing fans.

3. Jack White
Jack’s not known as a happy-go-lucky lad, but he should be, because the ball he threw at his native Detroit Tigers wasn’t bad at all. It came up a bit short but was also impressively straight, unlike many of the predecessors. Didn’t stop him from having an existential-crisis mid pitch, though.

2. Pat Carney
The Black Keys drummer threw out a respectable pitch at the home opener for the Cleveland Indians earlier this year, despite dislocating his shoulder just last year. Pitched straight and full, Carney could have a second calling, y’know.

1. Eddie Vedder
In reality, you don’t have to do much to make it the top of this list. However, the pitch might look simple but in fact nailing an 18 metre pitch into to the catcher’s mitt requires plenty of skill. Chicago Cubs fan and Pearl Jam man Eddie Vedder set the benchmark for other musicians to match though with a near-perfect throw back in 2014.