Fish’izzle! Enter Our Snoop Dogg Caption Competition

When we heard Snoop Dogg had teamed up with Seal, we thought: ‘That sounds like a shit duet’. Then we realised we’d misheard, it was actually a seal [except it’s a sealion in the pic, not a seal, so that gag doesn’t work – Ed].

So what could be going on in this picture? We’ve made a few suggestions after the jump. Submit your own by leaving a comment. There will be some kind of prize for the best caption, though we haven’t quite worked that bit out yet.

“Whaddup dog?”
“I’m a seal, you twat.”

“For real, my nizzle, I loved ‘Kiss From A Rose’.”

“Sorry mate, 50 Cent’s over there and he’s got a bucket of mackerel.”

Dre’s ‘Detox’ hadn’t been going so well.

Seal and Snoop’s duet wasn’t quite as the crowd expected

Snoop was slow to spot the Missy Elliot imposter

Species mix-up ruins cheesy Gorillaz’ shoot

“It’s alright, everyone, I’ve caught the beast that bit half of my ring finger off!”