Five Artists Who Should Follow Arcade Fire And Open Their Own Restaurants

Bad news, Arcade Fire fans: it looks like everyone’s favourite Canadian anthem-bearers might be taking time out of headlining festivals the world over for a while to open a restaurant in Montreal. Husband and wife duo Win Butler and Régine Chassagne announced last week their plan to launch Haitian-themed Agrikol in collaboration with restaurateurs Roland Jean and Jen Agg later this year, describing it as “more of an art project. The idea is that it’s a cultural space… It will be presented slightly differently, but the food and flavours are really authentic.” All of which begs the question: which other artists should switch up beats for baking trays and start making moves on Gordon Ramsey’s empire? Here’s five other musicians who could try their hand at the bistro business and the cuisine likely to be on offer at each. Bon appetit!

Kanye West

Kanye’s restaurant would be filled with the biggest name guests every night with maitre’d Kim Kardashian on hand to see you to your table and give tips on how to take the best Instagram pictures of your food. Having turned over a new leaf for 2015, Kanye will let you finish what’s on your plate but do expect an extensive and impassioned speech about why head chef Beyonce deserves more Michelin stars and that Jamie Oliver needs to “respect the artistry” of his kitchen a bit more. Try the All Day breakfast, you’ll love it.


Matt Bellamy read on Wikileaks that Obama and Putin have been staging secret meetings for the past few years on how to eradicate all food supplies and replace them with a series of mind-altering pills provided to consumers by major corporations. That’s why he’s going to open a restaurant serving up nothing but THE TRUTH. That and delicious Devonshire dishes, delivered right to your table by whizzing drones in lieu of waiters, in a puzzling but enjoyable piece of political theatre. Recommended dish? Why, their Supermassive Toad In The Hole of course, duh.

Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons’ restaurant used to be a homely affair. Locally sourced veg and things baked in hay filled the menu. Them were the days. Recently, owner Marcus went to New York and had his head turned by cheeseburgers, pizza and baloney sandwiches. Returning to their converted barn, the band vowed to bring these modern influences to the table. Now they offer a wide range of US influenced plates that taste kinda like everyone else’s food but hey, that’s globalisation for you. At least you know you’re in trusted hands when it comes to your concierge for the evening: Marcus has been in the business for years, with the lyrics to ‘I Will Wait For You’ in fact adapted from an application letter he once sent to a Wimbledon branch of Nando’s.

Action Bronson

Action Bronson used to make his living as a chef in New York, which makes him significantly more qualified for this than most musicians, who exist on a diet of backstage riders and food items discounted at Fleet Services just off the M3. He also hosts his own food TV show and even has a song called ‘Tapas’, full of lyrics like: “Wood burning brick oven shit with the furnace / Quattro formaggio / Big plate look like a lobster collage / I’m on the art and the food scene / Fuck rap, laying back eating poutine”. We’re booking our table now, especially if Bronsolini can convince some of his hip-hop pals to donate guest recipes. A nice Wu-Tang flan, that kinda thing.


Fusing Asian flavours inspired by recent trips to Hong Kong and Korea with the endless fridges full of cheese in Alex James’ cellar, Blur’s eatery is unorthodox, we’ll give you that. There isn’t much choice, either: meat is only served ‘Tender’, while the amount of Porklife on the menu has been cut down significantly since business really began booming for the restaurant in 1994. But this is Chez Blur we’re talking about, and no amount of brief closures for maintenance while head of the kitchen Damon Albarn pops off to experiment with elephant-based African dishes can stop it on its day.