The five best apps by artists

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Taylor Swift recently announced that she would be launching her own app, The Swift Life, which is expected to bring her even closer to her already tight-knit community of fans. Swift isn’t the first to venture into the app world though – many artists before her also turned to interactive software as a marketing tool. Here are five she should take inspiration from.

1. Björk: Biophilia

What the app does: Explores a three-dimensional galaxy, allowing users to select constellations named after Björk’s songs to interact with different features, games and facts about them.
Why it’s great: The visuals are strikingly beautiful and it even allows you to view scrolling music notations while listening.
How to get it: Biophilia can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

2. Tyler the Creator: Golf Media


What the app does: Dive into Tyler’s world – from a playlist of his favourite songs to his pick of the movies showing near you.
Why it’s great: It offers endless recommendations of media to check out.
How to get it: Access the app through subscribing on the website here.

3. Lady Gaga: ARTPOP

What the app does: When this app was active, you could fully experience the world of Gaga by creating your own ‘aura’, which adapted over time and interacted with other ‘Little Monsters’.
Why it was great: As well as the ‘aura’ magic, you got to play ARTPOP on a virtual turntable.

4. Calvin Harris: 18 Months

What the app does: Lets you listen to Calvin’s third album, featuring hits such as Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’.
Why it’s great: You had to move to hear the tunes – making it a good running motivator.
How to get it: 18 Months is free to download on iOS and Android.

5. Massive Attack: Fantom


What the app does: Gave you a sneak peak into four new tracks from the trip-hop group’s ‘Ritual Spirit’ EP.
Why it’s great:
You could try your own hand at remixing parts of the songs and sharing the result with friends after.  
How to get it:
This is a free app only available for download on iOS devices.

Words: Bernadette Galbraith