Five Hilariously Self-Indulgent Moments In DJ Khaled’s New Video For ‘Nas Album Done’

DJ Khaled isn’t known for his subtlety, but his new Nas-featuring video for ‘Nas Album Done’ is surely one of his most out-there products to date. Let’s take a run through the most hilariously self-indulgent things in it, shall we? It’s so Khaled it hurts, and we mean that in the best way possible.

1. Riding a horse through the ocean while smoking a cigar

Feels vaguely Putinesque, doesn’t it?


2. Riding boats and jetskis for no reason

Khaled once got lost at night on his jetski in Miami Bay, so you might think he’d be staying away from the money-shreddering water vehicles nowadays. But no! He’s also got himself a pretty sweet boat too, which you can see below.

3. Having a four-minute convo with dancehall legend Louie Rankin


Louie Rankin, the Jamaican dancehall legend, gets into long, meandering conversations with Khaled about uplifting the youth and the power of love *tear falls from eyelash*

4. Hiring firebreathers

The dancers already bring the carnival vibes, and then Khaled adds an awesome firebreather to the mix as well. The firebreather is presumably there to symbolise intense power coming from an unexpected source: an important part of the message of uplifting the youth, clearly.

5. Saying his catchphrase and album title (‘Major Key’) many, many times

What’s that, Khaled? The album whose cover features you posing with an actual lion in a flower-filled garden, like the Tinderiest pic that ever Tindered? Did you really think we’d forget its name?

If you don’t believe the GIFs, check out the video in full below. If you watch carefully you’ll even see Khaled’s beverage of choice – a load of P Diddy’s Ciroc vodka.