Five unique Mark E. Smith moments we should never forget

We remember The Fall legend: a man who had a truly profound impact on British music and culture.

The prolific, brilliant and hugely influential Mark E. Smith has died, aged 60. The Fall frontman’s legacy of 32 albums with his ever-evolving band has left a lasting impression on so much of the music we hear today. Famously fractious, there are all too many memorable Mark E. Smith moments to choose from when delving back through The Fall’s history. Here are just a handful that capture the music legend at his very best.

His collaboration with punk ballet dancer Michael Clark

Mark’s long-tem collaboration with punk ballet dancer Michael Clark and his troupe opened up ballet to a whole new audience. Watch this anarchic performance.

His legendary (and never-ending) Peel sessions

The Fall were John Peel’s favourite band and they recorded twenty-four sessions for his radio show over the years – more than any other artist. Check out this recording from 1988.

And this one from 1990.

The time he read the footie results on the BBC

As a lifelong Man City fan, Mark was roped in to read the results on BBC Sport one afternoon. When asked what he made of his team’s performance that day a grumpy Smith replied: “Hopeless as usual”.

Every brilliantly-awkward interview he ever gave

Famously un-cooperative, Smith was every interviewer’s worst nightmare. Watch Lauren Laverne – a huge Fall fan – do incredibly well to get through this short video segment.

Known for speaking his mind, here Smith silences those questioning his alcohol intake.

The time he accepted our Godlike Genius award (and used it to stick the knife in)

“I think the achievement should go to the people who read the NME and can manage to read it from cover to cover.”

RIP Mark E Smith: Godlike Genius, moody bastard and true music legend.

RIP Mark E Smith:  Godlike Genius, moody bastard and true, music legend.

Remembering Mark E. Smith

A delve into the legendary Fall frontman's 32-album back catalogue and brilliant collaborations.