Five Party Scenes In Movies That Should Be Recreated In Real Life

There’s a great trend right now for recreating clubs and parties from movies – this summer’s Secret Cinema contained Star Wars’ Mos Eisley Cantina, In Your Face Theatre have recreated Trainspotting’s rave scene in their visceral theatrical adaptation of the novel and film and, this week, vampiric dreams came true when the blood-rave scene from undead-busting Wesley Snipes film Blade came to actual, haemoglobic life. That’s not exactly true – the blood used at New York’s Terminal 5 nightclub was synthetic – but the rest of it was a faithful recreation of Blade‘s opening scene, in which blood rains from the ceiling onto a packed club. They even got Crystal Method – whose music was featured in Blade II – to headline the event. It’s a loving recreation of the original, but what other iconic club and party scenes could be recreated in the same way? Here are some suggestions…

The insane party from Weird Science
THE ORIGINAL: US movies always make house parties look more exciting than they are in real life, but this one takes it to a surreal new level. There are Mad Max-like motorcycle-riding gatecrashers. There are guys with bras on their head trying to recreate the experiment that brought Lisa, the film’s Frankenstein-like creation, to life. There’s even a nuclear missile that rises up through the floors amid the chaos.

WHY THEY SHOULD RECREATE IT: The problem with house parties is everybody hanging in the kitchen. Send a warhead through it and you’re in mingletown.

Boogie Nights‘ technicolour disco club
THE ORIGINAL: Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1997 film about making porn in the ’70s contains one of the cheesiest dance sequences imaginable. It’s basically the scenes from Saturday Night Fever and the Airplane! parody combined. Disco Stu would approve.

WHY THEY SHOULD RECREATE IT: There are far too few light-up dance floors still in existence. ’70s dancing is fun. With, obviously, rollerskates.

Dazed & Confused‘s kegger at the Moon Tower
THE ORIGINAL: Austin, Texas. It’s the last day of high school in 1976. The seniors have subjected the juniors to some weird, abusive hazing rituals and head off to the great, glowing moon tower in the woods to kick loose and chat shit about Aerosmith. There are kegs of cheap lager. There’s Milla Jovovich’s character, the stoner Michelle, singing a song about aliens. There’s the obligatory fight. It is – in short – the ultimate party in the woods.

WHY THEY SHOULD RECREATE IT: Because no summer will be as good as the one when you left school.

The Great Gatsby‘s soirees
THE ORIGINAL: The Great Gatsby’s party scenes are sweetly depraved, because that’s ‘depraved’ by 1920s standards. “Look at them dancing in the fountain!” the film screams. “Look how mad they are!” This is the 1974 film, which included none of the weird modernity of the 2013 version.

WHY THEY SHOULD RECREATE IT: Because the ‘20s were awesome. Who doesn’t want to pretend they’re mates with F Scott Fitzgerald’s creation, living it up at a mansion in Cape Cod? Woody Allen made a whole movie about that same cultural rose-tintedness, Midnight in Paris.

Clueless‘ classic Valley party
THE ORIGINAL: Clueless is an iconic ‘90s teen time capsule. There’s an enormous nostalgia for the film, which includes this punch-drunk house party scene where “tragically unhip” Tai, played by Brittany Murphy, gets knocked out by an airborne shoe.

WHY THEY SHOULD RECREATE IT: For nostalgia’s sake – this house party could quite easily be Secret Cinema’s next venture.

Until one of these gets made, though, this incredible interweaving of bar and club scenes from Saturday Night Fever, Blade, Trainspotting, Terminator, Star Wars, Scarface and WAY more should keep your movie club needs satisfied…