Five Reasons Why It’s Ok To Stop Hating Skrillex Now

The greasy-haired, punctured lipped 24 year old is now well and truly in the public domain, after winning three Grammys last night (Best Dance Recording, Best Remixed Recording (Non-Classical) and Best Dance/Electronica Album). So, we may as well focus on the positive.

1Tumblr loves him
Between ‘Girls That Look Like Skrillex‘, and ‘Cooking With Skrillex‘ (where photos of Skrilly DJing are photoshopped to make him look like he’s on Saturday Kitchen), the man’s a one-person meme factory.

2He was part of the best British metalcore album of last year

Skrillex did the programming and backing vocals for Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret’. You know, the one that was overlooked at the Mercury Prize 2011.

3This Ellie Goulding track

Think Skrillex isn’t capable of subtlety? Check out this collaboration he did with Ellie Goudling from Bangarang (his latest EP). Glitchy, rather than kitchen-sinky, it holds back on his signature drops in favour of shimmering electro.

4Korn like him

Skrillex was called in to produce the new Korn record. Jonathan Davis of Korn said: “His production, his sound, and our guitars and what we do with it, it just worked, and that’s what set the ball rolling,” Davis says. “Initially we were just thinking about doing a couple of songs, an EP, [but we] kept rolling with it more and more with different DJs, and it just turned into this record that took on a life of its own.”


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