The Maccabees’ Felix White: Five Reasons Why Latitude Festival Will Rock Your Summer

The Maccabees are headlining their first UK festival this summer – Latitude in Suffolk, which takes place July 14-17. Here’s the band’s guitarist Felix White on why the event – which will also see sets from The National, New Order, Grimes, Kurt Vile, Chvrches, Courtney Barnett and Father John Misty – will be bloody amazing.

We’re headlining!
Felix: “It’s our first big one. It feels good because, when we were getting close to finishing our last album ‘Marks To Prove It’, we did say the best imaginable situation would be if we ended up headlining somewhere like Latitude. I think Rupert [Jarvis, bassist] might even turn 30 on the night we play. Hasn’t he done well for himself? Good way to say goodbye to his twenties. This’ll be the only English festival we do this year, so it’ll be a special one for us too.”

British Sea Power will be unpredictable
“They’re one of my favourite British bands ever. I don’t think there’s a week that goes by where I don’t listen to something by them. I always recommend seeing them cos you never know what’s going to happen. I’ve seen them try and play on roller skates.”


You can witness the genius of Roots Manuva
“His new record is so brilliant and so dark. When we saw him recently, he’d got strings involved in it and live instrumentation so it’s kind of back to the way he used to do things a few years back. And, again, with Roots Manuva you don’t always know what’s going to happen with the show so it’s always worth seeing it. The music’s lasted so well and he’s a true pioneer and genius songwriter.”

It’s a case of tranquility vs chaos
“I like festivals these days where during the day you can walk around and it’s a really family-orientated “nice” place to be. It’s kind of easy and there’s loads of little things buzzing around you can go and see. But then when it becomes night, it becomes chaos and there’s a really different energy.”

And it’s a music lover’s paradise
“It seems like a really hand-picked bill. I think people are really specifically into and in love with music and listening to records will like it. There’s quite a lot of attention to detail in it and a lot of the time you can get bills that look quite similar, but I’m not sure if you will get a line-up like that one anywhere else in England.”