Five Ridiculous Cliches In Beyonce’s ‘Run The World (Girls)’ Video

So, we sat down and had a viewing of the new Beyonce video ‘Run The World (Girls)’.

It’s been described by its director Francis Lawrence as: “one of the bigger Beyonce videos ever done,” and it seems impossible to argue with his use of adjectives. Yes it’s ‘big’ but we couldn’t help gaining several flashes of déjà vu when he saw Beyonce’s sandy vision of a world of the brink of civil war. And by ‘several’ we mean ‘five’.

1) Horses


Beyonce horse

They’re ferociously powerful, can go mental quite unexpectedly and they love a good nose bag. Yes, that’s Miley Cyrus, but it can also apply to horses. In pop, they’ve made quite a few notable appearances.

Chiefly, there’s Tina Turner’s rather creepy video for ‘The Best’ in which she pretty much has 4 minutes of ‘special time’ with a worryingly glassy-eyed horse.

Tina Turner horse

There’s also Goldfrapp’s less creepy, more ‘local village talent show’ use of horse headed dancers (or should that be ‘hoofers’?).

goldfrapp horses


2) Riot police

Beyonce riot police

Someone’s probably made the link between the recent use of riot police in pop and the simmering civilian/law enforcer tensions in a Big Brother state.

But that wasn’t us.

In fact, when both Plan B and Take That used them at the Brits, we said: ‘Well that probably cuts down on the stage costs massively because it means just having to make one type of costume’.

Take That riot police

Plan B riot police

3) Lions

Beyonce Lion

Grrr! etc. Just listen to Wild Beasts perv-tastic ‘Lion’s Share’ for evidence of the gusset-moistening power of lions in pop. See also: Madonna’s lion in ‘Like A Virgin’.

Madonna lion

4) The Dance Off!

Beyonce dance off

At the climax of the video, B and her ‘girls’ have a dance off with the (male) riot police, with Beyonce doing her trade-mark discombobulated ‘Oprah’ inspired tsk-y head move. Did you know that in a police state the weapon of choice will be jazz hands? Us neither.

Dance-off’s have played a key part in music videos (see Run DMC VS Jason Nevins ‘It’s Like That’). See also: Janet Jackson’s ‘Rhythm Nation’ dance for apocalyptic, vaguely politically charges ‘moves’.

Janet Jackson rhythm nation

5) Things On Leashes

Beyonce leash

Are they meerkats? A pair of hyenas? Either way, it’s a well known symbol of (oh gosh) ‘Girl Power’.

Spice Girls Holler

And/ or a contender for the ‘strangest use an living accessory’ award since this:

Britney snake