Fast & Furious Live: five things to expect when the movie franchise hits UK arenas

This sure aint Driving Miss Daisy Live

Tyres squealing, exhausts spewing flames, three enemy cars spinning around a jack-knifed truck, dodging the remote-control missiles soaring around the arena like Kim Jong Un’s idea of a great day at the park. This sure ain’t Driving Miss Daisy Live, or even any of Top Gear’s lame-ass roadshows, this is the Fast & Furious franchise bursting out of the big screen and doing donuts on your face. The Fast & Furious Live extravaganza, hitting London’s The O2 this week, promises to recreate the greatest stunts from all eight movies right before your eyes in the most hi-octane car show ever staged. So buckle up, (Vin) Diesel-heads, here’s what to expect.

The flying oil tanker

Remember the flaming oil tanker that bounced along the highway in F&F5? Well, it’s gonna come flying straight out of the arena-wide screen at one end of the O2, aimed straight for the back of Row Z.

The submarine

While the most elite stunt-driving team ever assembled – honestly, it’s like an oil-smeared Avengers out there – careers, leaps and flips around the arena, the floor will be transformed by 3D mapping technology into various terrains such as Tokyo car parks, desert highways and even icy tundras. Out of which will rise the 3-meter high submarine from The Fate Of The Furious in a spectacle liable to make Muse throw in the towel.

The crashing plane

Not insane enough? How about the nose of a full-sized airplane crashing through the screen to crush a tank, a la F&F6? Considering upping your game yet, Sheeran?

The stars of the franchise

It’s not just the cars that are the stars of Fast & Furious Live, although Vin Diesel’s Charger and other iconic motors from the series make an appearance (the audience even get to build a car from scratch using a voting system). A whole new storyline has been written for the live show, featuring stars such as Diesel appearing on-screen and live actors performing scenes between the big stunts.

“The new story is absolutely canon,” says actor Mark Ebulue, playing federal agent Jimmy Dawson. “My DSS agent works in the same building as The Rock, a bit of his personality has rubbed off on me. You’re gonna see a lot of characters from the series but also some new characters and new perspectives coming in as well. Vin has finished filming his bits and it looks absolutely amazing.”

The secret finale

Director Rowland French is tight-lipped about the show’s grand finale, which he promises will outdo all of the above: “those who know the series might be able to guess what’s coming”.


Fast & Furious Live is at The O2 in London from January 19 to 21, then at arenas nationwide until May.