Five Things We Learned At LCD Soundsystem’s Rousing Comeback Gig

Last night LCD Soundsystem took to the stage in New York City for their first gig in nearly five years. NME was there, and here’s what we learned…

1. James Murphy still has perfect rhythm.

Towards the end of first song ‘Get Innocuous!’, he grabs a pair of drum sticks and proceeds to join Pat Mahoney in whacking the hell out of the drums. Without missing a beat. It’s something he does at various points throughout the night and every time he’s on point.


2. They are still warming up.

As the band attempted to play second song ‘One Touch’ – for the very first time, no less – there is a problem with the synthesiser. Cue Murphy stepping in to try to fix it, but to no avail. “We’ll come back to that one,” he tells the crowd, although they never do. No-one seems to mind. He also seems to stumble a little when it comes to the lyrics of ‘Yeah’, but then again, he could be doing that for fun. Either way, it makes the song that much more endearing.

3. Daft Punk are still playing at his house.

After they abandon the failed version of ‘One Touch’, LCD Soundsystem kick into a wholly aggressive, visceral and frenzied version of ‘Daft Punk Is Playing At My House’, a highlight from their self-titled 2005 debut album. Fast and furious, it recaptures the joy and love of music that clearly inspired the song over a decade ago.

4. LCD can get NYC crowds moving.


According to the cliché, New York City crowds are very hard to impress: no matter how good a band is, they just stand there staring blankly at the stage. But LCD Soundsystem debunk this theory tonight. From the moment they walk onstage until the moment they leave, two hours later, the crowd is *alive*. They dance, they sing, they shout, they cheer, they jump, they whistle, they dance some more. Even the VIP section, which is overrun by music industry types, looks like a party. And that certainly doesn’t happen often, especially in New York City.

5. They’re not ready to play new songs just yet.

It’s no secret that LCD Soundsystem are working on new material, but tonight is all about reigniting the past and finding their feet again, so there is no new material. Nevertheless, with the amount of energy on display, you can bet that when they are ready to debut some new tunes, they’re going to hit hard.

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