Five Things We Want To See Happen In Trainspotting 2

A hi-octane opening chase sequence? A Kelly McDonald cameo? Ewan McGregor trying to fit in a toilet at 45? With a release date of January 2017 set for Danny Boyle’s sequel to the seminal Trainspotting, fan anticipation for a film hasn’t been more fervent since that crucifix light-sabre. Here’s five things we’d like to see in the hottest – and probably druggiest – film of 2017…

1. The Renton/Sick Boy Stand-Off

At the end of Trainspotting, Renton scarpers to Amsterdam with the money from the group’s joint heroin deal, only leaving money for Spud. In Porno, which Trainspotting 2 is only loosely based on, Sick Boy is still furious at Renton for swindling them, but the book has Renton evading his ex-friends in typically slippery fashion for much of the narrative. All a bit non-closure for a movie sequel, so we hope that Boyle will have written in a spaghetti western-style stand-off between the two. It’ll be the Batman Vs Superman of smacky Edinburgh neds.

2. Spud Porn

In Porno, the gang get involved in the low-budget Scottish porn industry, and word from the cast suggest the film will follow this general line. And as the most sympathetic character who gets a pretty hard time of it in Porno, we at least hope that Ewen Bremner’s put-upon heroin nerd gets involved on camera – if the book’s anything to go by, he could do with cheering up.

3. The Redemption Of Begbie


Porno has Begbie emerging from a stretch in chokey as psychopathic as ever, but Robert Carlyle’s celebrated nutter is the character Boyle might feel he has licence to play around with most of all. Surely a rounded character arc would show more than just Begbie’s headbutty side and have him struggling with demons, discovering God, running for Parliament and then slowly succumbing to The Voices again…

4. A Freaky Psychedelic Sequence

Drugs play a much reduced role in Porno than Trainspotting, but Renton’s toilet-dive, overdose and withdrawal scenes from the original film arte so deeply embedded in modern British cinematic culture that the sequel would simply be neglecting its visual duty if it didn’t give a retrospective nod. A wild Mandy scene in Renton’s Amsterdam nightclub, perhaps?

5. An Iggy Pop Cameo

Preferably running down a street, choosing fucking big televisions.


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