Fleetwood Mac have kicked Lindsey Buckingham out and I am shook

Lindsey's been fired?! Fuck no!

Fleetwood Mac have fired Lindsey Buckingham, and I, dear reader, am shook. Shook even harder than the bassline in ‘The Chain’. Yeah, that shook. At first I thought these were just vicious, ahem, rumours, but sadly no. Lindsey is no longer a Mac daddy.

Lindsey, for those of you not deeply entrenched in the shag-tastic, drug-guzzling goings-on of one of the most incestuous rock bands ever, is the curly haired boy-man up front. He’s the one who joined the traditional British blues group on New Year’s Eve 1974 alongside his high school girlfriend Stevie Nicks and helped turn the noodling jam band into one of the biggest in the world. Lindsey Buckingham is kind of a big deal.

This isn’t the first time that Lindsey has parted ways with the group – these guys have a fractious relationship at best. Back in 1987 he took a decade out to focus on his solo work, but he saw the error of his ways and regrouped for live album ‘The Dance’. And he’s been touring with the band ever since. Thank god, because anyone whose seen Fleetwood Mac perform since then will tell you that of course, all members of the group are important – there’s the newly returned Christine McVie, who beams away and kills it on the keyboard, Mick Fleetwood and his odd testicle jewelry and barnstorming drum solos as well as John McVie and his, um, nice selection of hats. But the real draw is still Lindsey and Stevie’s insane onstage chemistry. Half the time they can’t bear to look at each other, but the rest of the time you can’t hardly breathe for the amount of intense stares that the pair throw at each other. They might have broken up years ago, but theirs is a love that cannot be dampened. Watching them perform together is like being given front row seats to a live marriage counselling session. But, y’know, good.

Then of course there are the Lindsey fronted tracks that might be dropped from the setlist, namely the thunderous ‘Big Love’, but also his insane guitar solos. Sure, his stand-ins will probably have a bash, but it won’t be the same. One of the band’s biggest songs, ‘Go Your Own Way’, was also written by Buckingham. How the remaining members will be able to sing it without a tears of sorrow pricking their eyes we do not know, even if they did kick him out.

Fingers crossed that everyone kisses and makes up in time for Glastonbury 2019, which we are hoping above all hope that they finally headline. Please.