Flight Of The Conchords Season 2 – Watch The First Episode

In a recent NME interview Rhys Darby, who plays band manager Murray in ‘Flight Of The Conchords’, promised more of the “same old shit” in season two of the HBO comedy show. Which, frankly, suits us just fine. If it ain’t broke etc.

The second batch of twelve episodes kicks off in America on January 18 – and you can watch the first episode in full below. It’s actually an old plot, dating back to the show’s early BBC radio incarnation – although there’s a clear continuity with the end of season one, with Bret and Jemaine’s fortunes still in pitiful contrast to those of splinter group The Crazy Dogggz.

There’s also a good bit where the duo dress up as tubes of toothpaste to serenade a girl in mock folk-balladeer style. Like we say, it’s more of the same. But we’re not complaining.


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3