You Can Now Send A Movie Mixtape To Your Mates Through Netflix

Ever stared at the mixtape collection from your teens and hungered for the opportunity to replicate this fuzzy glow in the 21st century?

Well, Netflix have created the solution! But it’s with movies instead of music. And it’s digital. Allow me to introduce Flixtape, a playlist function for movies that you can send to your friend in an effort to assure them of your affection.

The quirky new Netflix function allows you to name your Flixtape, before giving suggestions based on the title for shows that fit that genre or subject matter. You can chop and change and add your own suggestions from the Netflix repertoire. You then move on to making the Flixtape ‘cover’, with customisable doodles “that match just about any theme.” You can even address the Flixtape with the name of its intended recipient.

When you’re ready to send the Flixtape, the website will generate a URL to share with your nearest and dearest. It’s a pretty neat little tool and certainly ups the ante for serious Netflix binging.

One question though; if ‘Netflix and chill’ is a euphemism for really, really enjoying that shower scene in Orange is the New Black Season One, is ‘Flixtape and chill’ the romantic alternative? Are Badger Way going to write a song about it? So many questions.