Florence + The Machine Remain Defiant On New Song ‘Wish That You Were Here’ – Track Review

Though Florence And The Machine’s mammoth Hyde Park show earlier this year signalled the end of her ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ tour, it seems that before she takes her well earned rest she’s leaving us with a few gifts to tide us over until her return. After dropping three tracks to coincide with the Final Fantasy video games just a few weeks back, Flo’s done it again, releasing new bombastic new song ‘Wish That You Were Here’.

The track, which clocks in at nearly seven minutes will feature in Tim Burton’s new film Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children and will run over the film’s opening credits. Opening with a signature tinkering of atmospheric harp, a huge and defiant chorus emerges – “And I never minded being on my own, Then something broke in me and I wanted to go/To be where you are/But even closer to you, you seem so very far.” As with most of her recent material, there’s the continuous development with making her music as cinematic and grandiose as it is relatable, and in that sense, ‘Wish That You Were Here’ might be her finest blend of the two yet.

The song was heavily influenced by her time on the mammoth ‘How Big..’ tour. “It’s amazing, but it comes at a cost — a cost of leaving the people you love behind for a year or two. You kind of feel like if you could sing a song into the wind, maybe the wind could take it to them in a way that you can’t with a text or a call. You just want to send your love in a different way, in a way to somehow reach the unreachable.” If ‘Wish That You Were Here’ was indeed the final gift before she briefly departs, then it’s a fitting farewell. And Flo, if you’re feeling lonely, we’re always at the other end of the line. Or a gust of wind.