Foals Talk Shopping, Spice Girls and Dead Gerbils In An Interview With A Nine-Year-Old – Watch

“Can you name all The Spice Girls?”

That’s probably not a question Foals expect to face in interviews these days, but when you subject yourself to a grilling from a nine-year-old child, there’s certainly a possibility it could crop up. Yannis and Walter from Foals were the latest to join the expansive list of bands to take part in ‘Kids Interview Bands’. The aptly titled YouTube channel has been interviewing a variety of bands for over three years, with Chvrches, Slayer and Queens of the Stone Age, all taking part in a playful interrogation.

The interviewer, Piper, asks the pair about their shopping techniques, what their favourite school subjects were and what they’d dare their band mates to do. When asked about the music they used to love but have now grown out of, Walter fesses up to Piper that he still holds a soft spot for ’80s power-ballad aficionados, Foreigner. We’re lucky that influence did not drastically alter the earth-shattering ‘What Went Down’, then.

The interview takes a devastatingly dark turn when Yannis reveals that after his childhood pet gerbil ‘Rumpel’ sadly passed on, his brother’s gerbil ‘Jordan’ subsequently ate the deceased ‘Rumpel’. Fear not, the rest of the interview is considerably brighter and you can watch the full video below. Oh and they can name all the Spice Girls, in case you were still wondering. Easily. Perhaps a bit too easily…