Foals, ‘Total Life Forever’ – What Do You Think?

Assuming you bought it the day it came out (Monday 10 May), you should have had time to live with the new Foals album.

Perhaps by now you’ve given it the half a dozen listens that our own reviewer, Rob Parker, says are necessary before the record’s quality really sinks in. And if not, you can stream it via this widget:

A few other reviews:

Drowned In Sound (7/10)
The Quietus
Metacritic (Metascore: 83)

Meanwhile, here’s the band playing one of the album’s standout tracks, ‘Spanish Sahara’, in our basement studio.

And here’s an interview we did in the basement of their Oxford HQ.

So… what do you make of ‘Total Life Forever’? An improvement on ‘Antidotes’? Overly ambitious? A brain-frazzling masterpiece?