Foals’ Yannis Philippakis’ Top 5 Crowdsurfing Tips

Foals’ Yannis Philippakis is challenging fans to get horizontal in the tent. “If we had our way, there wouldn’t be any barrier between the band and the crowd,” he says.

Not that the barrier’s about to stop Yannis from flinging his body into the pit during their set; no stranger to the bumpy horizontal experience, who better to give their top five tips for crowdsurfing during a Foals show…

Yannis Philippakis

Yannis’ Top 5 Crowdsurfing Tips…


1. “Give your wallet and phone to a friend who’s not going to crowdsurf. Or take the risk. It’s like human Buckaroo.”

2. “Always go feet first. Especially if you’re going into the crowd. It adds a Battle Royale feel.”

3. “A certain amount of groping’s inevitable. I don’t think I’ve ever been felt up intentionally – but expect people to touch you.”

4. “If only I had the answer to dealing with security guards. Give them
a wink or a dashing smile, maybe. Say thank you.”

5. “Finally, watch this video of a guy trying to stagedive during a Faith No More show – he jumps and goes head first into the barrier. Apparently, he lost all his teeth and his face had to be kind of rebuilt. It’ll either spur you on, or put you off jumping for life.”