Foo Fighters Return To The UK – Why Grohl’s Broken Leg And Cancelled Dates Will Make Milton Keynes Unmissable

Dave Grohl has some serious ass-kissing to do. Not only did he stand up the entire Glastonbury festival, but his no-show allowed Florence + The Machine to steal enough of his thunder to keep Wolf Alice off Number One, putting back the rock resurgence by at least a couple of weeks. So, short of offering a bunch of flowers and a make-up goodie bag to every single person at this weekend’s Milton Keynes mega-gigs, what can we expect from Foo Fighters’ big comeback?

The UK debut of ‘The Throne’

It lights up with a giant Foos logo. It’s fringed with guitar necks and spotlights. According to Grohl’s original sketch, drawn while off his face on morphine in hospital, it’s designed to “shoot lasers and shit” out of the top. Grohl’s rock throne has reportedly been stealing the show at recent gigs, so expect the chair to be the star come Milton Keynes. I mean, surely he must have had it motorised by now, or made it crowdsurf-friendly…

Crown participation

Grohl will want to make this one personal, so in the spirit of the show he stopped in Michigan to down a beer with a fan celebrating his 50th birthday, let’s all get down the front with placards and turn Milton Keynes into one huge meet-and-chug.


Since Grohl will be trying to make these shows real events – and since he’s previously invited Alice Cooper onstage at Milton Keynes, so there’s history – it makes sense to wheel out the special guests. Iggy Pop and Royal Blood are on hand as the support acts, but our money’s on Florence turning up to make it a Glastonbury love-in. Dave said he watched her performance back and it brought him to tears.


Van Halen, Yes, The Stones, The Kinks, Rush, Queen, the Pistols… Foos setlists have been peppered with covers of late so we can definitely expect the odd snippet. Fingers crossed they revive their version of ‘Under Pressure’.

The big speech

There’s no way Dave will get through a two-hour plus show without roaring something about his broken leg, Glastonbury and how he’s going to rock all night long to make up for (but strangely wrapping things up by curfew). Let’s see if he can out-blather Kanye West…