Fool’s Gold Rush In

What do you get if you cross some dogs, an Israeli keyboard player, bikinis, an Axatse shell gourd, sunshine, a Brazilian visual artist, a goat toe rattle, more dogs, some old guys aquasizing, and a former paralegal who sings in Hebrew?

Fool’s Gold‘s video for Surprise Hotel!

Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel

Luke Top, the aforementioned legal eagle told me this about the song, “Surprise Hotel is a surrealistic love song inspired by true life events. It was originally conceived to evoke images from Weekend at Bernie’s, the film. It includes the line: “I am trapped in air conditioning”.

“It is a song that if challenged, we would play for hours without stopping and be completely content. One of the actors in the music video has been Dracula in two movies. His current project is called L.A. Vampire. I hope to see it someday.”

Read more from Fool’s Gold at Pinglewood, where you can also grab a free MP3 of Surprise Hotel.

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