Foster The People’s Mark Foster – Christmas Q&A

Mark Foster dishes on his 2011 Christmas plans, his most embarrassing moment of the year and his desire to meet Napoleon.

What have you got planned for Christmas this year?
We’re gonna have a few weeks off for Christmas. I was gonna go to India and just travel around and write for a bit but I’ve been alone on Christmas before and I wanna see my family. I might go back to Ohio and lavish my brothers with gifts.

What’s been your highlight of the year so far?
There’s been so many. This year our lives have really changed. Most of the memories are music related. Playing on Saturday Night Live, that was a big moment for us. Ben Stiller was the host and we got Kenny G to play with us on a song which was pretty crazy.

Any weird stuff happen this year? What’s the strangest tour story or general incident that’s happened?
I’d say probably the coolest story was when we played at this festival in Australia. I ended up hanging out with Brock from Modest Mouse for a couple hours, just talking about all sorts of stuff. We just went for a walk, we were staying in the same hotel, had a beer on my balcony and just talked about music and records and remedies for writer’s block; all sorts of crazy stuff. That was pretty cool, that guy’s a character, a true artist.

And any embarrassing tales?
Yeah we played a show, I don’t even remember where it was but we were in the line to do our laundry and Mark, our drummer, had all his dirty underwear out on a table and someone stole them all. All his underwear.

What would you say is the best and the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received
One Christmas, I was probably eight years old and my dad was like “are you ready for your first gift?” and I was like “yeah” and he put a big rock that he dug out of the back yard on the table.

Did you get the joke as an eight year old?
No I just started bawling. That was my only gift.

That’s a sad story, is there a good one as well to counteract?
The best would be when I got a dog one year, Snowball. It’s a cockapoo. A cocker-spaniel, poodle mix. It was when I was a little kid, he was like a human. I swear he read my thoughts. He’s a good boy.

What’s been your most memorable New Year’s Eve?
I had a New Year’s Eve party at mine last year. That was a blast. It was kinda like a housewarming party too, I’d just moved into this place and had all my friends over. We played poker and got really drunk and we wrote on all my walls. It was awesome. The worst new year I was actually stuck in traffic on my way to this party in LA and then the clock struck 12 and I was stuck in my car.

Who would be at your dream Christmas party if you could have anyone, dead or alive?
Napoleon. I’ve always wanted to get Napoleon wasted and I’d put a spear in his hand, different weapons in his hand, and just see what he could do drunk.

What’s made you happiest in 2011?
I hung out with Bono in Dublin and had a really long, good chat with him. We were talking about poets and he asked me if I’d ever heard of Yeats and I hadn’t so he went into his house and brought about this book of Yeats and read me some of his favourite poems. Then he signed the book and gave it to me.

And finally, who would you most like to meet under the mistletoe?
I would have to say… I don’t know, I’m gonna have to stick with what I’ve been saying all year and that would be Adele.