Four Tet Returns With A Trippy Banger That Samples Ellie Goulding And Cheryl Cole

When Kieran Hebden tweeted the link to listen to ‘BACK2THESTART’ on Soundcloud earlier this week (August 5th), he added: “made this on a plane at the end of last year… no idea what I was thinking or why it exists”. The seven-minute banger was first heard on Four Tet’s Rinse FM mix last October but, coming so soon after the cosy and intimate ‘Morning/Evening’, the producer’s latest album as Four Tet, seems something of a curio. Even more so given that it samples Ellie Goulding (whose single ‘Burn’ Hebden remixed in February 2014) and Cheryl Cole.

But underneath chopped up vocal parts from Goulding’s ‘The Writer’ and Cole’s ‘Fight For This Love’, Hebden weaves a familiar web of deep bass, shifting effects and beats paced to make you sweat. The result is an undulating, trippy cut that seems designed to make your head swim. It’s not the first song Hebden has released since ‘Morning/Evening’ either. At the end of June, he shared a cover of Detroit techno producer Derrick May’s ‘Strings Of Life’, which he worked on with jazz drummer Steve Reid, who died in 2010. Four Tet seems to be enjoying a restless patch – make the most of it.