Frank Carter on his wild Samsung Hypercube video: “It’s epic”

Promotional feature with Samsung

Rowdy rock star, iconic tattoo artist, talented painter and all-round legend, Frank Carter is a man of many talents. The latest trick up the Rattlesnakes frontman’s sleeve is to star in a music video like no other. The promo for ‘Spray Paint Love’ – his electric, groove-ridden new track – was filmed inside the Samsung Hypercube, a magical 360 degree performance space that’s been touring UK festivals throughout 2017; check it out below. Frank’s also designed a special edition ‘Spray Paint Love’ piece of artwork using the new Samsung Galaxy Note8, a phone which you can doodle, draw and design on, as well as all of your other essential phone needs. We had a chat with Frank about the process behind the video as well as what he’s up to next.

Watch the video by clicking here

How did you end up in the Hypercube?!

Frank: “I heard about it through my friend Ross Cairns, who’s a brilliant visionary director. He’s worked with me on loads of projects before – he did all the videos for Pure Love and even some of the early stuff with Gallows. He had it [the Hypercube] up at Reading Festival and said come and see it, you’ll love it. I didn’t know he had in mind that we’d work together on it, I just thought he wanted to show off!”

What was it like in there?

“It’s epic. It’s crazy – mirrored floor and ceilings and walls. It’s got LED bars and screens. It’s really disorientating but in a cool way!”

When did you film the video?

“I got a call a week later saying it was at Bestival – I was at the studio recording the new single, but we drove down and shot for three hours and I was on my way home before lunch! Mostly it was just me in there with a camera filming 360. It was intense, especially giving a midnight performance at 7am!”

Frank Carter

How much in common did your performance in the Hypercube have with your live shows?

“I wanted to do something that was a bit more bombastic than explosive. I wanted it to be big and dramatic but without any of the aggression that I’m so known for. The song doesn’t really call for throwing yourself around too much – it’s a groovy, pretty sexy song. I got in there and I just started dancing.”

What’s the song about?

“It was written earlier in the year during a five week tour across America, while I couldn’t sleep, driving through upstate New York. It’s a bit of an obituary of a love song – about a big change in your life, and the difficulties of being away from home. But it’s also about hope – life is never really about the destination, it’s about the journey and this song is about celebrating the journey, rather than the end.”

Is it representative of the next album?

“I have no idea yet! We haven’t written it yet, but it’s fully representative of where we are right now. We’re gonna start on it properly next year.”

I hear you’ve been using the new Samsung Galaxy Note8 for your tattoo work?

“It’s ingenious for designing. I just draw them now on the train on my phone – it comes with a pen. That’s how I did the artwork for the song, the heart with the dagger through it. I’ve been wanting to do some tattoo flash for a long time, because it’s so integral to what I do.”

How can people get a Frank Carter tattoo?

“I work two days a week, always, at Sang-Bleu in Dalston. I was there yesterday all day! People can email me and book in. I just did this really cool thing – I made a poster that has 36 different handles and 36 blades so that people can come and make their own dagger, and pick each bit. It’s gone down really well! It’s really fun. I’ve never seen it done before – I try and think outside the box.”

What’s happening with your artwork right now?

“I’m drastically focusing on a new body of work. For the last six months I’ve been working pretty tirelessly on it, they’re paintings – one’s 6×5 foot. It’s the biggest work I’ve even made. I don’t want to give too much away, but the plan is to have a show, hopefully next year.”

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