Frank Ocean Fans Are Losing Their Shit – The Funniest Internet Reactions To His Live-Stream Project

It’s been four years since Frank Ocean’s ‘channel ORANGE’. Earlier this month he appeared to confirm that his new album ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ would finally be ready for release in July: his website,, showed a picture of a library card full of crossed-out dates and two possible future ones in which the album might be released: July 2016 and November 13, 2016.

It being August 1, July obviously wasn’t meant to be. But today an Apple Music-branded live-stream appeared on Frank Ocean’s website, and for the past few hours, the former Odd Future member has been cutting up wood, playing some ambient synths, and sitting in a chair – anything, in fact, but playing his album. Fans are livid. Find their best reactions below.

Most fans are just plain mad


But some are just choosing not to put themselves through this any longer


Some have noticed bitter truths

Some are trying to convince themselves the music’s already here

But for some, Frank’s latest delay is a transgression too far

They feel abandoned

They feel lied to

They think it doesn’t reflect well on him

But they still come back as soon as there’s any sign of music

And for now, all they can do is hold out hope

Keep the faith, guys. Keep the faith.

PS: Today has also given us this weird combination of Frank Ocean and Stranger Things

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