These Celebrities Are Having A Meltdown Over Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’

“FRANK OCEAN FINALLY RELEASED HIS SECOND ALBUM” said basically everyone on Twitter this weekend. Last week’s ‘Endless’ captivated audiences with its portrayal of Frank building a spiral staircase, but it’s ‘Blonde’ which has really restored faith in Frank from his excitable fanbase. And with good reason – it’s a pretty immense piece of music. ‘Blonde’ took four years to develop, comes with an accompanying ‘zine, and features an army of guest appearances. In other words, ‘Blonde’ has made everyone lose their collective shit, including a load of celebrities, like Zac Efron:

And Ruby Rose:


Stormzy thinks he could be the greatest songwriter of our generation:

A-Trak wonders if ‘Blonde’ is too good for this world:

Calvin Harris thinks it’s a masterpiece:


Kingsley’s breaking down:

Jimmy Fallon’s just like a proud dad:

Trevor Noah’s experiencing an enlightenment:

One Republic are a little lost for words:

And the people who contributed to the album are obviously obsessed:

Dan from Bastille approves of the drop

And then boom…

A photo posted by @bastilledan on

And Shura is excited, as she retweeted this:

But also a little confused, because she tweeted this:

We’re still working that one out, Shura.


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