Frankie & The Heartstrings’ Track By Track Guide To ‘Hunger’

Frankie & The Heartstrings will be releasing their debut album, ‘Hunger’, on February 21. Guitarist Michael McKnight wrote us a track-by-track guide to the release


Frankie And The Heartstrings play a Shockwaves NME Awards show at London’s Heaven, February 21. Order tickets here

“We recorded our album with a 12-inch record at the forefront of our thoughts. We also wanted it to tell the story of love, lust and heartache from start to finish. Both sides of the LP has an intro and an outro.

“The intro is a parody of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. We’re huge fans of the 1990 TV series and wanted the record to open with the same atmosphere. When the calypso rhythm kicks in it has more impact. The song is an account of seeing a beautiful girl but ruining your chances when the Scott Walker-loving geek in you surfaces.”

“A bitter account of a relationship ending just when you thought everything was too good to be true. We were listening to a lot of Josef K at the time and I think you can really hear it in the guitars and bass line.”

“This is our crowd favourite that sounds like a football terrace sing-along, but as it jangles like Orange Juice’s ‘I Can’t Help Myself’, no one is too cool to join in. The title and lyrical content are homage to Knut Hamsun’s 19th century novel, where he is reduced to famine and lives in a forrest near Oslo as he’s been made homeless.”

“A 98-second account of the perfect night. Laughing, drinking, smoking and sniffing pink champagne. To top it off, you punch above your weight with a dreamy girl.”

“This recounts a very difficult time where someone is on the verge of a breakdown, but doesn’t quite manage to pull it off. It’s one of three songs that we played at our first ever gig, and it’s still part of our set that we look forward to playing”

“‘Tender’ was the first ever song that we wrote together. The guitar riff was something that I stumbled over when I was trying to play ‘Happy Birthday’ by Altered Images. The lyrics detail a relationship that is almost too good to be true if it wasn’t for the fact that the fella is like Johnny from Mike Leigh’s Naked (ie a bastard).”

Want You Back
“It opens with a Phil Spector-esque drum beat and the Spectoresque theme is evident throughout the song. The song is about dumping the girl of your dreams, and not realising she was the girl of your dreams until she’s gone.”

It’s Obvious
“This is probably the most spiky song on the album. It reminds me of ‘Human Fly’ by The Cramps. When we recorded it, Edwyn kept referring to it as “The Pop Group one”, as he thought it sounded like them. That can’t be a bad thing.”

That Postcard
“It’s a tale of unrequited love. Where even though everything seemed perfect, you can never be together. The line, “We watched ‘West Heath Yard’” is a nod towards Edwyn Collin’s sitcom that he wrote and stared in for Channel 4. Check it out.”

Don’t Look Surprised
“This gives the record the epic end that we wanted to create. We used one of the few known amplifiers that Joe Meek recorded ‘Telstar’ on to capture the vintage feel that we felt the song deserved.