Franz Ferdinand: Live And Remixed – Exclusive Stream

As you may have read, we’re giving away an exclusive free Franz Ferdinand CD on the front of NME this week. To give you a taste of what you’re in for, here’s Alex Kapranos to talk you through a preview stream of just two of the tracks featured – scroll down to listen:

‘Evil Eye’ (Todd Terje Extended Mix)
“This mix just goes mental! What Terje’s done with the extended mix is he’s completely deconstructed it. With ‘Evil Eye’ there’s lots of details within the song which will just pass you by very quickly. What he’s done has allowed each idea to develop. We usually write three minute songs, but he’ll take seven minutes to build a track up. That’s what he’s done with this and it makes it more of a dancefloor song.”

‘Bullet’ (Live From Konk)
“There’s very little difference between the live and album versions. We tried adding on little bits in production, but you realise that sometimes things are best left completely unadorned. When Nick and I wrote it we were trying to recreate the sense of being on a rollercoaster: that sense of being in one place when your stomach and eyes are telling you you’re in another because you’ve just dropped 50 ft in a second.”