Freakscene – (Avi) Buffalo Stance: Neil Young Meets Long Beach

Let’s remove the large trunked quadruped from the room. Avi Buffalo are young. Not Tiny Masters of Today young, but young enough that during a recent show at LA’s Viper Room, none of the band members where allowed inside the club, apart from for their performance. Aged between 17-20, and named for their lead singer-(Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg: sounds like a law about the arrangement of electrons in a nucleus, doens’t it?) – Avi Buffalo are recently signed to Sub Pop.

Image: Demolisten

Like a Long Beach Neil Young (no, not this kind of Neil Young), Avi Buffalo create confused surf pop that laps at autumn paddling feet. Lyrically subversive- over an end-of-the-sunshine-swoon, they sing ‘I got lost in your summer cum/ Leave all your stains with me’ (‘Summer Cum’)- and with a Frank Black perspective of beauty- ‘Your lips are like two pieces of bacon’ (‘What’s in it for?’), Buffalo’s music is hypnotic and humble all at the same time.

There are no plans for any European tour dates, but on Dec 8th Sub Pop will release ‘What’s in it for?’ on 7″. You can pre-order it here. An LP will wander into the world in spring 2010. If you’d like, you can download ‘What’s it in for?’ here.