Freakscene – Baroness Are Bringing The Metal

Baroness, arguably the most powerful weapon of Relapse Records impressive arsenal, have just delivered their highly-anticipated sophomore offering. Described by the band themselves as an “outside-of-the-lines colouring job”, ‘Blue Record’ is the follow up to 2007’s ambitious and innovative ‘Red Album’.

If you’re already a Baroness fan, then you’ll find no disappointment here. ‘Blue Record’ is a slice of progressive-rock heaven; crushing Southern rock riffs, tender, romantic melodies and powerful sludge metal sensibilities. ‘Red Album’ was certainly a hard act to follow, but Baroness have developed their thick, round sound, added a rock n roll edge and intelligently matured in a positive direction by starting to break the ground of psychedelia.

Vocalist, guitarist and sole lyricist of the band, John Baizley, spoke elusively earlier this year about ideas for the album’s concept. “Much like the last record, there are inner themes, motives and goals. Each song, in terms of atmosphere and texture, comes from somewhere specific to me and the other three members” explains the grizzly front man. “I try to let the feeling and atmosphere sink in and distil something personal from it myself. Somebody listening can have their own unique, totally personal experience with the lyrics, with the music, with the album”.

‘Blue Album’ is set to give their peers in Mastodon, a real run for their money.