Freakscene – Cannibal Corpse/Dying Fetus Live In London

The legendary venue of Koko rarely sees sights like this, but as over a thousand death metal fans strode into the kitsch ex-theatre the usual clasy and somewhat upbeat atmosphere morphed to a dangerous and adrenaline-fuelled mosh-pit.

Trigger The Bloodshed took to the stage with their intense, relentless brand of pure death metal. Their straight-forward, ballsy approach to contemporary death metal meant that the crowd was left in complete overwhelming admiration. On this tour it seems Trigger have really stepped up their live performance, making the most of what catchy hooks they do have and maximising the savage speed and brutality which they do so well.

Cannibal Corpse
Cannibal Corpse

Following this was the not so straight-forward death metal set from Annotations Of An Autopsy, who mainly showcased material from their forthcoming album which mirrors the more classic strokes of death metal, namely Morbid Angel. The set left some of the bands die-hard devotees a little set back with the unexpected change in style, but the finishing song ‘Born Dead’ brought them back to the room thanks to an epic solo and gang chant.

As much as we’ve got to love our British representatives, I think we should be frank. Dying Fetus are here and those groovy, gnarly riffs are causing us to near enough wet our kecks. Playing a mix of old and new material, they really proved that they’re still in the game and performed an incredibly tight set which saw blood spurt from crowd members faces and members of the two supporting bands watch in total awe. They’re tight, they’re dirty and we love them. Dying Fetus; we wanna be your mates.

If we weren’t so scared of Cannibal Corpse, then we’d wanna be their mates too, but in reality they’re CANNIBAL CORPSE and we are not worthy, why the hell would they wanna be our mates? From the first note in their hour and a half long set every member in the band was head banging non-stop, and let’s not forget George Fisher’s robotic wind milling which is nothing short of ferocious. They’re the godfathers, the Floridian pioneers who after 17 albums are still up on stage giving it their all. It was mind-blowing, awe-inspiring, total fucking carnage and wholly unforgettable.