Freakscene – Domestic Pop: More Ridiculously Exciting Than It Sounds

I’ve spent most of the week hysterical with excitement over this amazingly deranged video. And in times of such polished, hugely money-d high jinx in the pop world, there must be a refreshingly lo-fi alternative. For the quiet times. And a new compilation by LOAF Recordings has provided me with such respite and some much needed soothing when Gaga threatened to tip me completely over the edge.

Now it’s called ‘Domestic Pop’, which admittedly sounds like a Kim and Aggie compilation for the oven glove and slippers brigade. But far from it; as the album contains fourteen, freakishly brilliant, weirdo ditties from one of the neatest little British record labels around.

Inspired by such experimental acts as Family Fodder, Bill Nelson and The Flying Lizards, LOAF aim to showcase their own twisted and utterly unique outlook on pop; plying the open-minded listener with music that is “sophisticated, full of humour and most importantly fun.” “That familiar DIY feeling but without the grotty warehouse vibe,” they proclaim, and amen to that. It’s not just bedroom music either, it’s, well, “the whole house” – hence the homely title.

So what to look out for here? Well there’s dorky electronica courtesy of The Chap rubbing up alongside the cartoonish scree attack of Le Club Des Chats, superb plink-plonk madness from Fred Dutch, gorgeous Stereolab-esque musings courtesy of Nico-Teen, an unsettling pulsing beats-driven anthem from Vincent Oliver and a fifty six second cuss ‘rap’ from the rather gross sounding Van_Zit – just a few highlights from a label which has, over five and a bit years, introduced me to some of the most mental underground music makers around.

So thank you LOAF! Keep ‘em coming…

‘Domestic Pop’ is released 7th December 2009 but until then why not catch up on a bit of LOAF TV