Freakscene – Karnivool: Big Rock From Down Under

Aussie alt-rockers Karnivool formed in Perth in 1997, essentially as a high school covers band. 12 years and 2 albums later, they’re still going.

It took them eight years to bring a completed full-length studio album to fruition; their 2005 debut ‘Themata’ didn’t reach UK or US shores until mid-2007. Just under a year later the band entered the studio to write and record their next record, which became the impressively-received ‘Sound Awake’, released in June this year and certified gold in their native Australia.

Although comparisons to American rock giants Tool may be inevitable; writing this band off as a lesser version would prove to be a lazy analysis. Take Ian Kenny for example who is a proud, engaging frontman. His eccentricities – slicked-back hair and (when he’s wearing them) black-rimmed glasses – means he bears a striking resemblance to Michael Douglas’ frighteningly unhinged character in the movie ‘Falling Down’. Andrew Goddard, Mark Hosking, Steve Judd and Jon Stockman complete the line-up of Karnivool which has been steadfast for the past half-decade.

The band recently toured the UK in support of Skindred and played their first British headlining date at the Islington Academy in October. They are currently on tour across Australia and will be playing all of the Big Day Out dates in January with the likes of Muse, The Mars Volta and Rise Against.

Check out the video for their currrent UK single ‘Set Fire to the Hive’: