Freakscene – Mat Riviere’s Sampler Blues

Just when you thought the musical archaeologists of the future were going to have to scrape through an impenetrable layer of haze to extract the wonders of music in 2009 comes Mat Riviere, whose stark, sampler-driven songs for the incessantly impressive Brainlove Records shrink behind no curtain of fuzz.

A young chap from Norwich, Mat apparently lives in constant fear that the bottom of the range Yamaha sampler he was given as a whippersnapper will one day go kaput. Given the genius bleak pop he’s produced with it so far, it’s a state of anxiety we’ll happily join him in. That video up there is him playing ‘FYH’ at the fantastical Iceland Airwaves.

The sound of a glitchy ticking mechanism filtered through the howling fantods, ‘FYH’ bends and pings like the components of an antediluvian H. G. Wells machine slowly springing apart under the weight of the Riviere’s inculcating, Factory-style vocals. It’s released on 7th December as a free download through RCRD-LBL, but we heartily recommend you shell out a few groats on the brilliant remix EP from Brainlove Records – full of properly experimental different takes on the song, like Napoleon III’s where Mat’s voice goes from a robotic cardiogram to a bassy dictator march, and DREAMTRAK’s 80s Italo-disco number, plus two other numbers, ‘Resist’, and ‘The Garden’ live from Iceland Airwaves.

And whilst we’ve got you here, you could do worse than head over to Brainlove Records to sample their wonderful wares, from the great ‘Fear Of A Wack Planet’ compilation for the meagre sum of £5, featuring Brainlove family and friends like Internet Forever and Stairs To Korea. What with the label’s snazzy yellow trainers and unspeakably good repertoire, you can’t afford to ignore them.