Freakscene – Not So Nice Nice

Admittedly it sounds a bit weird, but every so often I like it when a certain piece of music is, well, so loud and thrillingly jolting that it literally feels like it’s beating me around the chops. You know what I mean; a big Lightning Bolt meets Fuck Buttons THWACK. Nnnngggggg-mazing.

So to wake up to the aptly titled ‘One Hit’ in my inbox this morning was really a rather lovely surprise. It’s a free digital single and 7” out on Warp today and the latest offering from Portland,Oregon twosome Jason Buehler and Mark Shirazi aka Nice Nice. The stuff I’ve heard by them before has been pretty impressive and mostly minimal, glitchy and electronic-based but this track is all shrieked chanting and white noise guitar skree propelled by the most relentless and monstrously pounding rhythms. Proper musical apocalypse oww!

Despite their rather meek appearance, Nice Nice are renowned for their searing live performances, and we’ll all be able to witness it for ourselves close up (eek!) as they hit up various cities across Europe over the next few weeks. “A big part of what makes our live show engaging is the ‘freakshow’ factor of watching us build the loops live and interact on top,” is what they say about it, describing the whole experience as , “high energy explosiveness, bright colourful textures, lots of rhythm, large dynamic movement, willingness to explore new directions…”


Find more music and tour date info from them at their Myspace or Warp page , and download ‘One Hit’ now. The album it is taken from, ‘Extra Wow’, is out April 2010.