Freakscene: Paranoia Processed Beats With Hunter-Gatherer – Free MP3s

Hunter-Gatherer’s music feels like an ice-storm panic attack. Unsettling and uncanny, it stands outside the bedroom window, and lives in dark alleys. Biographical details are hazy. He started making music in 2005, he shares a given name with a famous American producer (though we’ve promised not to mention which one), and during the daytime, he’s a teacher.

Photo; Cait Fahey

Live, Hunter-Gatherer aims to “create an audiovisual nightmare”. And his overall aims? “I’ve said before that music is the artillery of the soul. It would be great to make a piece of music that could make someone cry.” He elaborates- “One of the most interesting and distressing emotional states I know is that of feeling simultaneously vast and microscopic; it happens to me very occasionally when the mind wanders or some chemical impulse overrides normal thought processes. I want to eventually produce the musical equivalent of that feeling.”

Eventually? He’s well on his way already. ‘Left for Dead’- is “one of those unassuming pieces of music which quietly invites itself for tea and within hours is cosily wrapped up in your favourite blanket in the living room.” Elsewhere, forthcoming album title track- I Dreamed I Was a Footstep In The Trail of a Murderer’ is where Kid A Kraftwerk beats mix with lysergic paranoia.

The album “I Dreamed I Was a Footstep In The Trail of a Murderer” is available online from the usual sources, and a physical copy can be obtained through the myspace page. If you’re not the kind who enjoys paying for music, not only can you download his EP for free here, but Hunter-Gatherer has given us two other MP3s for the Freakscene blog. Click here for ‘Left for Dead’ and here for ‘I Dreamed…’