Freakscene – The Poppy Family: Where Evil Grows…

Why all this fuss about the Robbie Williams comeback last weekend? Freakscene likes its pop stars nervy, wild-eyed and verging on the deranged. Slick is sick-inducing.

(I was going to post a Shayne Ward video here but couldn’t bring myself to Ctrl+v)

So back to the oddities, but this time from ye olden days…well the late ‘60s/early ‘70s to be more exact. The Poppy Family were a sweet and innocent-looking married couple who conversely made brilliantly unsettling pop music.

Terry Jacks wrote the songs and his wife Susan prettied them up with soaring vocals that fairly tugged at the heart strings. So far so saccharine? Well on first listen, maybe, yes, but dig a little deeper and there is an underlying sadness and occasional wrenching twist to the lyrics that imbued their offerings with a kind of malevolent quality. The bouffant barnets, dated attire and ‘hey I could be in a cult’ serene smiles only add to it.

Check out ‘There’s No Blood In Bone’ and ‘Where Evil Grows’ for starters – these two are SCARY.

The Canadian duo split in 1973 when Susan ended their five and a half year marriage; with both of them going on to have moderately successful solo careers. It’s just The Poppy Family you should bother with though, as despite their brief musical foray together (they only released two studio albums and an excellent compilation ‘A Good Thing Lost: 1968-1973’) their influence lives on – in bands like Music Go Music for one.